Welcome to ESDR 2017


Dear colleagues and friends,

“The Sounds of Dermatology” is the motto of the 47th Annual Meeting of the ESDR in Salzburg 2017. In the city of churches -all stemming from the 1200 years in which Salzburg was archdiocese- we strive to combine the spirit of traditions and culture of Central Europe with cutting edge science of leading scientists in global Dermatology. Two kinds of sounds might occur to you, when you visit Salzburg: Firstly, Christian Doppler has been born here in 1803. Later, after having worked in Vienna and Prague, he became the father of modern ultrasound diagnostics- based of the “Doppler effect”. Secondly, you will notice the spirit of music that can be sensed in every angle of the city. Film lovers might be remembering the Musical “Sound of Music” based on the true story of the Trapp family. Lovers of classical music enjoy the lightness of Mozart’s compositions.

Although these famous descendants of the city have had far reaching effects on a global scale, there is another twist that is in sharp contrast to this global perspective and which directly affects the comfort of your stay: everything in Salzburg is nicely located within walking distance, be it the major hotels that are located around the congress venue, the railway station or the sightseeing points. Even the airport is more or less in the border of the city limits.

We welcome you to Salzburg in September 2017!

Johann Bauer
ESDR 2017 Local Organizing Committee Chair

Video Invitation by Johann Bauer - Click to play




The major goal of the ESDR is to enable the future of skin science through scientific exchange and education. The 2017 program strives to be particularly attractive to trainees of all levels and to early career skin scientists. The annual scientific meeting of the ESDR has a central role in this endeavor by providing a world leading platform for the presentation and discussion of state of the art science as it relates to skin biology.

The program includes named orations from outstanding globally recognized scientists, plenary educational events such as Frontiers in Skin Biology and Dermatology, workshops, symposia and free communications covering all aspects of skin science extending from genetic discovery through to clinical research. In all this, the ESDR aims to disseminate information about cutting edge technology and new approaches to scientific discovery. ESDR is committed to fostering a culture where scientists and clinicians can get together, exchange ideas and form new collaborations in a convivial and stimulating environment. We strongly encourage special interest groups to hold satellite meetings at ESDR so that the full breadth of essential expertise is present at the meeting. Recognizing the importance of the translational biomedical research agenda we bring together academia and biopharma and include dedicated sessions discussing many aspects of drug discovery and clinical validation. Finally, our social program is geared towards creating an environment allowing exchange of ideas and the meeting of old and new friends.

We very much hope that you will join us at the ESDR meeting in 2017 to present your latest research in skin biology and to interact with our international delegates. Thanks to Prof Johann Bauer and the local organizing committee we have secured the convenient and fabulous facilities of Salzburg Congress in the middle of this beautiful city to celebrate the Sounds of Dermatology.

We look forward to seeing you in Salzburg!

Matthias Schmuth
President, ESDR