Concurrent Session 3: Photobiology & Pigmentation

Date: Thursday 28 September 2017
Time: 14.20-15.45
Room: Mozart Hall 4,5

Chairs: York Kamenisch, Thierry Passeron

Concurrent talks are 8 minutes plus 2 minutes discussion.



027 (Poster 624)
Autophagy Alleviates UVA-Induced DNA Damage in Fibrocyte by Activating the Nrf2-dependent Nucleotide Excision Repair Pathway
Y He, X Tan, J He, Y Deng and X Xiong Dermatology, The Affiliated Hospital of Southwest Medical University, Luzhou, China

14.30-14.40 028 (Poster 625)
Development of an
ex vivo Human Skin Model to Study the Effects of Ambient Relevant Air Pollutants Reveals Epidermal Activation of the Arylhydrocarbon Receptor
S Grether-Beck,1 I Meyer,2 H Brenden,1 I Felsner1 and J Krutmann1 1 IUF–Leibniz Research Institute for Environmental Medicine, Duesseldorf, Germany and 2 Symrise AG, Holzminden, Germany
14.40-14.50 029 (Poster 616)
Postzygotic mutations of RHOA cause a mosaic neuroectodermal syndrome
P Vabres,1 A Sorlin,1 SS Kholmanskikh,2 B Demeer,3 J St-Onge,1,4 Y Duffourd,1 P Kuentz,1,5 J Courcet,1 V Carmignac,1 D Bessis,6 G Bernard,4 WB Dobyns,7 L Faivre,1 M Ross2 and J Rivière1,4 1 TRANSLAD UMR1231 UBFC, Dijon, France, 2 FFBMRI, New York, NY, 3 CHU, Amiens, France, 4 McGill University, Montreal, QC, Canada, 5 CHRU, Besançon, France, 6 CHRU, Montpellier, France and 7 SCRI, Seattle, WA
14.50-15.00 030 (Poster 617)
Cole disease: Role of ENPP1 in regulation of pigmentation and epidermal differentiation

S Nesmond,1 R Bochner,4 O Sarig,4 C Pain,1,2 V Bergeron,1,2 J Rambert,5 F Morice-Picard,3 E Sprecher,4 A Taieb1,2,3 and M Cario-Andre1,2,3 1 INSERM 1035, Bordeaux, France, 2 University Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France, 3 National reference center for rare skin diseases, Bordeaux, France, 4 Dermatology, Sourasky Medical Center, Tel Avis, Israel and 5 Aquiderm, Bordeaux, France
15.00-15.10 031 (Poster 619)
Prostaglandins contribute to specific ultraviolet irradiation-induced molecular alterations that are critically involved in photoaging process

P Wang, M Sun, T Okubo, JJ Voorhees, GJ Fisher and Y Li Dermatology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA
15.10-15.20 032 (Poster 626)
Melanocyte-fibroblast interactions in vitiligo

D Kovacs,1 E Bastonini,1 M Ottaviani,1 C Cota,2 E Migliano,3 M Dell’Anna1 and M Picardo1 1 Cutaneous Physiopathology/CIRM, San Gallicano Dermatologic Institute, Rome, Italy, 2 Dermatopathological Laboratory, San Gallicano Dermatologic Institute, Rome, Italy and 3 Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, San Gallicano Dermatologic Institute, Rome, Italy
15.20-15.30 033 (Poster 618)
Asymmetric melanin distribution during the mitosis of human skin progenitor keratinocytes

N Joly-Tonetti,1,2 JI Wibawa,3 M Bell3 and D Tobin1 1 Centre for Skin Sciences, University of Bradford, Bradford, United Kingdom, 2Alphenyx, Marseille France, France and 3 Walgreens Boots Alliance, Nottingham, United Kingdom
15.30-15.40 034 (Poster 615)
Inhibition of NADPH oxidase-1 as a new approach for the prevention and treatment of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma
H Raad,1,2 M Serrano-Sanchez1,2 and H Rezvani1,2 1 Bordeaux Univ, Bordeaux, France and 2 INSERM U1035, Bordeaux, France