2017 Future Leaders Symposium

Date: Wednesday 27 September 2017, 13.00-18.30
Room: Mozart Halls 1, 2, 3

Theme: Looking Forward: The Future of Dermatological Research

Given great global social and political change, we consider the past, present and future trajectory of dermatology with implications for our future research practice. This session aims to facilitate interaction and collaboration between young ambitious researchers and current leaders in the field of investigative dermatology around the world.

The Future Leaders Symposium is open to all ESDR delegates. Pre-registration for the Future Leaders Dinner has now closed but you can check availability with the organizing committee on site. Priority will go to alumni participants from the ESDR, SID, JSID.

Program Organizing Committee

ESDR: Amy Foulkes (Manchester, UK), Matthew Caley (London, UK)
JSID: Hayato Takahashi (Tokyo, Japan), Hideyuki Ujiie (Sapporo, Japan)
SID: Andrew South (Philadelphia, USA), Tamia A. Harris-Tryon (Dallas, USA)


This event is supported by unrestricted educational grants from the following:


12.30-13.00 Registration
13.00-13.15 Welcome and introduction to Future Leaders Symposium
ESDR: Matthew Caley
JSID: Hideyuki Ujiie
SID: Tamia A. Harris-Tryon
Session 1
Chairs: Matthew Caley and Hayato Takahashi
13.15-13.45 Keynote speaker from the ESDR
Palm reading the future: genetic skin disease and beyond
David Kelsell (London, UK)
13.45-14.45 Scientific Presentations (15min + 5 min discussion)

Transcriptomic led drug targeting of inherited cylindromas: From bench to clinic without a mouse
Neil Rajan (Newcastle, UK)

PSMα as a key virulence in Staphylococcus aureus-induced skin inflammation through IL-36 and IL-1 release from keratinocytes
Seitaro Nakagawa (Chiba, Japan)

From basic to translational science: Lessons from two collagens type VII and XVII in the skin
Joanna Jackow (New York, USA)
14.45-15.30 Interactive session led by Amy Foulkes

Innate-like T cells in human skin: characterising the human lymphoid stress surveillance response
Richard Woolf (London, UK)

Exploring the pathogenesis of alopecia areata
Marta Bertolini (Münster, Germany)

Mechanisms of Mast cells and T cell interactions during viral infections
Melba Munoz Roldan (Berlin, Germany)

Light-independent pro-inflammatory and pro-oxidant effects of purified human hair melanins on keratinocyte cell cultures
Serena Lembo (Salerno, Italy) 
15.30-16.00 Keynote speaker from the JSID
From Blisters via Bethesda to the Bulge - A Decade of Journey to Find my Own Niche

Manabu Ohyama (Tokyo, Japan)
16.00-16.15 Coffee Break
Session 2
Chairs: Amy Foulkes and Tamia A. Harris-Tryon

Special Guest Lecture
Gitte Aabo (President and Chief Executive Officer, LEO Pharma)

16.45-17.00 2017 Women in Dermatological Research Fellow
Reflections on the status of women in skin science
Tamia Harris-Tryon (Dallas, USA)
17.00-17.20 Keynote speaker from the ESDR
Mentoring and Leadership

Chris Griffiths (Manchester, UK)
17.20-17.50 Keynote speaker from the SID
It’s the data that matters – a personal perspective on academic investigative dermatology
Andrew South (Philadelphia, USA)
17.50-18.00 Closing Remarks
18.00-19.00 Reception (all symposium delegates)
19.00 Future Leaders Dinner (for pre-registered delegates)